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What makes you special

[articol conceput pentru un concurs pentru jurnaliştii tineri din Europa – 2007]

Have you ever thought how is life abroad? Did you visit or live in foreign countries?

Life in an other country, sometimes, can be not as beautiful as you thought. Especially when you are very young and you have to pass different problems.

Anyway, there are times when all should be easy. The most important is that you have the power to continue after all …  Like Freddie Murphy ( the vocalist from QUEEN ) said once: “ The show must go on … ”. Is the only thing we can do … forget the past, live the present, never think for the future.

So, let’s live for today! Let’s experience everything that life can offer us. Let’s travel,  learn, live, make friends from all over the world, cry, laugh, party … Life is short!

Remember: “Learn. Live. Love. Leave a legacy.” Let’s practice all those four “L”  in many ways and languages. Must be interesting, just be fun!

 Let’s analyse a bit these words  …

Learn”  … when I hear it, my mind takes me to my seventeen years of school, my gymnasium, my high-school, my university … but, fortunately, it’s not a bad feeling, I remember only the good parts and the best moments. And I must recognise that I still study. So those years weren’t the worst years of my life.

Live” …  everybody wants to live as much as they can, how they like most. Some are happy as they are, some are different and they want  to show that the whole world. They become famous.

Love” … love, love … all we need is love. Yes, of course, because love gives us wings, makes us happy … there are so many beautiful things to say about “love”, even sometimes love hurts.

Leave a legacy” … After all, nobody lives forever. The most important is that when you’ll be gone, someone to remember you for always.

Why did I translate the four words? Because I wanted to mark to importance of their meanings. Don’t let life pass over you without doing nothing.

What I wanted to say is you have to take advantage of everything life reserves you.

Being young can be the biggest trump you can have. Especially, when you are student. You have so many opportunities. You only have to now when it’s the perfect moment. Don’t you hesitate to experience. Nothing is better than travelling. Maybe it’s one of the most important ways for maturing … also it’ so relaxing …

I can not say I traveled too much. But I can recognise that what I have seen was amazing. This world is full of beauty. I remember all my experiences in the European countries. I have always been shocked, impressed, speechless …

I will not forget my Erasmus experience in Greece, especially in Athens … Pictures worth more than a thousand words … more than words …

Greece is a wonderful country. It has everything: sea, mountains … more than that, it has sun, a lot of SUN! Isn’t that nice?

I think that every student should live this kind of experiences. It’s a best way to know you better, to analyse you and the others around you. Studying in a foreign country, making friends from all over the world, being able to speak so many different languages, to live between lots of civilisations …

No, nothing can compare with such an experience.

Discover world, discover the miracles of the life abroad … Try to get a scholarship out of your country and you will be surprised!

At the end, only the memories are the only ones that remain …

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